Nars Lip Loves

Hey guys,

So the other little gems that I picked up at the Sephora sale are two Nars Audacious Lipsticks. They were just released from Nars quite recently, and right off the bat they received amazing reviews. I bought Charlotte and Anita because I knew I wanted a nude and a wine color.


Anita is a an antique rose color, and it’s perfect to slap on at any time for that lips but better look. I had a hard time choosing between Anita and Anna, but i’m really happy with my decision. The color lasts about four hours, and that was through eating/drinking, so I would say it’s pretty awesome.


Charlotte is oxblood burgundy, and I feel badass just saying that. I’ve been pretty daring with this and have worn it both day and night and have gotten a lot of compliments. I found it stayed on even better than Anita, and even when it’s worn off a little it still looks pretty cool.






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