Formula X

Hey guys,

I’ve really gotten into painting my nails this year. I used to always go to the salon and get gels, but it was getting really expensive and they’re a pain to get off. I went on a search to find a nail polish that would stay on for more than a day or two which is what I had always experienced when painting my nails. I came across Sephora’s Formula X, and oh man I love it!


(Provocative, Prism, Omni, Ignite, Pyrotechnic, Eureka and Gemini)

This is my current collection, and i’m always tempted to pick up new colors when I go in Sephora. They have a really extensive color collection which is great. Even though they have a whole system, I initially picked up just Provocative and the top coat. I was really impressed with the product even then, but I would definitely recommend picking up the whole system because I finally picked it up and it works even better.

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 4.34.32 PM





Prefection – I don’t have this in the lineup because its MIA, but it’s a really cool grayish purple color



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