Wish, Wish

Hey guys,

One of the things that makes a rough start to the week better is shopping. But i’m a grad school girl, and if I went shopping every time I needed to relieve stress, I would be dead broke. So I started thinking about how important it is to make wish lists.


^ This is my makeup wish list from my Evernote app

Wish lists help you:

  • Stick to your budget/get the best deals –  if you know exactly what you’re looking for, and also have a budget in mind, you can search around in stores and online for sales and coupons.
  • Understand what you actually need in your closet/makeup bag – There are things we need and things we want. Make two different wish lists for these categories.
  • Pick the best splurge if you’re treating yourself – Everyone needs to splurge once in a while, but why not splurge on something that you’ve been eyeing up for a while rather than something random
  • Know what you want for christmas/birthday – My mom always asks me for ideas for Christmas and my birthday. It’s so nice to already have a list made up and to know it’s stuff that i’ve actually thought about a lot and really want.
  • Feel like you’re shopping! – At least to me, window shopping gives you the same excited feeling as going out to the store and purchasing.

My wish list process:

  • Make a general budget
  • Include at least a little bit of of money for fun (shopping, eating out, etc)
  • Use Evernote to make word lists of things you need, splurges, etc.
  • Use Polyvore to make visual lists and to see how different pieces look together
  • Research the items you have on your lists to make sure they get good reviews
  • Stick to the budget you made and decide if you want to spend it on smaller items or save up for a splurge
  • Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 10.27.29 AM


This is my Fall Wish List from Polyvore. I’m in serious need of some staples including black heels, black sneakers, black jeans, and a nude everyday lipstick. I don’t need to pick all of these up in the exact brands I have on here, but it just gives me an idea of what i’m looking for.


Hope this helps!



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