Living Between

Hey guys!

How hard is it to live between two places? I’m currently spending half my time at my apartment and half my time at Terry’s, and it drives me nuts! Luckily I’ve been doing this for a year and have it down to a pretty good science, so I figured i’d share my tricks.

Leave Some Things Behind

I’m like a bird and just keep adding to my collection at T’s house.



  • Product samples – If you’re a Sephora or Ulta lover, you should have a million samples lying around. Stash some at your partners house in case you forget to bring some, make last minute plans, or just don’t feel like lugging things back and forth. Plus that will make you actually try those samples.
  • Your beauty staples – For me, I need to have my Body Shop Tea Tree Face wash and Hemp Face Protector, so I left a full size of both at his house (now he loves them too).
  • Travel sized staples that can double for vacations/trips – I bought the Bumble and Bumble Thickening Full Form Mousse in travel size for the last time I flew to MD. It’s my go-to hair product, so now I keep it at T’s and don’t have to worry about bringing my big bottle.
  • Full sized products that you don’t love but will work in a pinch – I bought Sephora mascara a few months ago and didn’t love it. It was just lying around in my makeup bag, so now it stays in his bathroom in case I forget to bring my makeup bag, which I always do. Erg!

Brainwash Your Partner to Like Your Products

Hehe, ok so you don’t have to brainwash them, but chances are if you leave products behind, they will secretly use them. Once they admit to this, you can talk about splitting the cost since you’ll both be using it. I now have T obssesed with my Body Shop Tea Tree Face Wash and my Hemp Face Protector, muahaha.


Use Their Stuff


Before I started keeping my razor at T’s, I would constantly steal disposables from his pack. They were pretty legit too! I bought him the Jack Black Deep Dive Facial Cleanser from Sephora the last time we went to Jacksonville because he was super patient while I mossied around the store. It’s geared towards men, but I absolutely love the product and use it about once a week to exfoliate. I also really love his beard comb for my eyebrows…it’s weird but honestly the perfect tool.

Pack The Prefect Bag


Clearly this bag is well loved. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but it’s actually pretty large and a great weekend bag. I picked it up from Aldo last year when it went on sale. Whenever I got to Terry’s I usually just need to pack for one or two nights, so I don’t need anything crazy huge.

I just got home from his house, so here are the things I had going on in there:


  • My favorite pair of jeans
  • Cute nighty from Victorias Secret (so soft and comfy!)
  • Neutral Bra
  • A few undies
  • Aldo sandals
  • My makeup bag with all my essentials
  • Statement necklace and geo ring
  • Tea..nom nom
  • Ray Bans
  • Bumble and Bumble Prete Powder
  • The cutest list pad ever from Target

If ya’ll are living between, I hope this helps!



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