Hi Friends!

So I decided to start a blog. Woot Woot! I have makeupaholic, listaholic and shopaholic tendencies, so I might as well share them with you.

Things I’m obssesed with this week:

  1. Geometric Ring from Old Navy
  2. Midi ring set from Francesca’s
  3. Nars Lipgloss in Dolce Vita

Geometric Ring

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 6.49.31 PM

I found this ring yesterday when I stopped in Old Navy, and I am completely obssesed with it. I forgot they carried jewelry there, so it was an unexpected find, and it was only $5 and some change.

Midi Ring Set

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 6.50.32 PM

I’ve been on the hunt for fun midi rings lately. I found an amazing one from Francesca’s a few weeks ago and lost it when I was out at Tall Paul’s. When I checked back this week, they had some fun new ones in stock, and I picked up this set for around $14. They feel a little cheap compared to the one from Old Navy, but I still like them.

Nars Lip Gloss in Dolce Vita

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 6.49.20 PM

I am so obssesed with Nars, but it’s really pricey. I usually stalk one of their products for a while before I purchase because I want to make sure I’m going to love it, and I absolutely love this! Dolce Vita is the perfect Fall lip color. It’s a dusty rose as you can see from the swatch, and i’ve played around with it a bit to make other colors I like. So far I have put it over concealer to make it a little more nude, and i’ve put it over Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm in Coquette to make it more pink. It was $26 (yikes!) but it isn’t sticky like a lot of other glosses, and the color lasts.

What are you guys loving this week?



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